Hello World

Hello World,

Heres a list of things about me, I’m going to keep it restrained to just 21 things seeing as I turn 21 in less than a month.

  1. My birthday is in March, date I won’t disclose but take a guess for the year if I turn 21.
  2. As implied in my URL/Blog Name, I was born in India but I grew up in the United States of America.
  3. Go The Distance from Hercules always makes me cry. Theres just something about the song and the way the music moves that makes me v. emotional.
  4. If I had to be a Disney Princess I would want to be Mulan because come on, the lady saved the whole of China. Thats a big country and she did it as a woman who defied her family and cast off the Patriarchy.
  5. Out of all the Avengers i’m quite partial to Black Widow, have you seen her in action? She could take on any person and she knows who she is. Also Captain America a la Steve Rogers, what a hunk.
  6. I go into youtube shame spirals, this means i’ve spent way too many hours of my life watching video after video and most of it doesn’t even connect. For instance, I started by watching Beyonce’s music video for “Formation” and currently i’m listening to Jeremy Jordan sing “I’ve Told You Now” by Sam Smith.
  7. Im making my roommate do this blogging thing with me so if she’s more popular than I am, I take all credit for her success.
  8. Interpretive dancing is kind of my thing but only when i’m with my friends so right now my lovely roommate is being treated to a Disney Song and Interpretive dance session.
  9. I’ve invested a lot of time and emotion in way too many TV shows. There will probably be a separate post about all those shows and my emotions toward them.
  10. I’m a PR Major with a minor Journalism and I want to work in social media or plan events or manage celebrities. I can barely manage myself so let’s see where how that goes.
  11. Im really oddly obsessed with Monsters Inc and Monsters University because the design for Monsters University came from the 4 year Private University that I attend, Monmouth University.
  12. The only music I can listen to while studying or writing papers is orchestral. Most of the music is movie scores or anything by John Williams and Hans Zimmer.
  13. However I love all sorts of music and can often be found with headphones on.
  14. I have a little brother, he’s 18 and the more attractive version of me. Not that i’m unattractive but like I’m more Chad Danforth¬†and he’s more Troy Bolton.
  15. There’s a Bollywood song with the title thats the same as my name, I firmly believe that it was written for me. The Movie is called Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, its worth a watch as it’s a cheesy rom-com with the badly choreographed fight scenes that Bollywood is famous for.
  16. Last two winter breaks I went to Disney world and decided to get videos of the Princesses saying hi to my friends. I still haven’t met my favorite princess though…(I will meet you one day Merida, we will be best friends)
  17. I did Colorguard in High School and went to Hawai’i because of that. I was luck enough to have been part of a group that was chosen to represent the state of New Jersey at the Pearl Harbour Memorial Parade.
  18. Growing up I watched way too much Barney and to this day speak with my hands just like Barney taught me to sing songs.
  19. My favorite quote right now is, “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”- JK Rowling.
  20. Speaking of Ms.Rowling, she wrote the series that was my entire childhood, Harry Potter. The characters were my friends and my family in a way that is completely different from the IRL ones. The books taught me valuable lessons that I keep close to my heart even to this day.
  21. And I’m just a girl looking out for my duet partner in the way all great Disney Couples ¬†do.

So heres’s 21 Fun Facts and what the fresh hell, I gotta go.




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