Meet the Patels

Hello world,

Recently I watched this movie, Meet the Patels, it focuses on the life of this almost 30 year old dude, and by life I mean a 1 year span where his family tries to get him married off to a woman that fit their qualifications. And how sad is it that I see myself in that position in about 8 years?

Let me clue you in about Indian families, us kids, we need to get married. Its not like white people when you can get married when the hell you want, we indians need to be married have babies and a pretty good education all by the age of latest 36. It starts when we’re in high school, the constant nagging to make the perfect Chapatis, to have good grades and for the love of all that is holy, get out of the damn sun because who’s going to marry a girl that can’t cook, can’t do advanced calculus and the worst, is darker skinned. Indians have this weird thing about being the lightest you can possibly be, they literally sell lotions meant to bleach the skin and make it lighter. That shits probably not very safe for you in the long run and its not just for women, they make it for men too! Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome.

Being an indian woman raised in america, I lucked out with my parents. Sure they were arranged, but they had the time to get to know each other and they moved to America with a 3 month old me. So me and my brother have grown up American for all intents and purposes. So of course, I didn’t want to look like a typical indian and refused to get my nose pierced when a bunch of people in my high school started doing it, I made fun of one of my friends, also Indian, for having her nose pierced. Flash forward a few years to college and freshman year, 19 year Dee decided that she wanted her nose pierced and has been rocking it ever since. So when I went to India that summer with my nose pierced, my family over there took that as an indication that I was ready to get married. How they thought that I would want to get married, I have no idea.

Even now my family from India is “searching” for a husband for me. As a women, that’s kind of insulting? Like do they have so little faith in my love life? Not that I have one by the way, I’m a single pringle and have been happy that way for 21 years with the exception of a kindergarten boyfriend.

But being the person I am, I’d like to think that i’m not going to end up like the siblings in Meet the Patels. In a couple years I’d like to be working at a job I love, in a pretty serious relationship and yeah kids are something I see myself having. So now its a matter of what I pursue not what my family wants from me.

So signing out,



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